Philately is the hobby of collecting and studying of postage stamps and other postal materials.


Postage stamp is the most widely known postal symbol and the primary element of philately. It is considered a messenger conveying letters to all parts of the world.

By its feature or the image it bears, the stamp becomes an ambassador for the country it represents. It supplies information about the country’s culture, its history its products, famous personalities and events of national, or international significance .

Over the years, the hobby of collecting stamps fascinate the young and the old from all walks of life. Today, the hobby has the largest following thus earning it the title "King of Hobbies" or “Hobby of Kings".

Although, ancient definition of philately focused on it as a hobby, but in recent time philately is a real business propelled by its various value added service. These services have expanded the scope and number of stakeholders in Nigeria ranging from designers (Artists) printers, album and philatelic tools manufacturers, stamp dealers, journalists (publishers) etc.

NIPOST has moved steadily in the business of philately aligning itself with regional  or continental Pan African Postal umbrella body the Universal Postal Union(UPU) a United Nations Specialized Agency. Every standard measure in form of resolutions and legislations resulting from conference/seminars and research by the UPU for postal market growth especially philately are adhered to by NIPOST.