Services available include the following:

• Sales of commemorative/ special postage stamps.
• Sales of definitive stamps.
• Sales of first day cover (FDC)
• Deposit account service
• Sales of philatelic accessories - stamp album, magnifying lens, tweezers, etc)
• Provide philatelic International service


They are issued to commemorate national and International events when such events have attained 25th (Silver), 50th (Golden), 60th Diamond and 100th (Centenary) anniversaries. Sales of these stamps will continue for a period of six months in all postal establishments in Nigeria and at the Crown Agents Stamps Bureau in London. However, sales will continue for as long as two years at the Philatelic Bureau after which the Stamps are withdrawn and some measured in the philatelic archives and the rest destroyed.

Definitive Stamps

These are issued to reflect the country's social and economic development as well as her cultural heritage. They are usually withdrawn from sales after 5 years.

First Day Cover (FDC)

This is a specialized philatelic item (value added product) in which a set of stamps released are affixed on envelope. The stamps are then date-stamped. The date on the stamps will be the date of issue of the stamps. The advantage is that you can see the date of issue at a glance several years after.