You simply make up your mind to explore the fun in the hobby of stamp collecting and fix into one of the three categories or customers that patronize the Philatelic Bureau.

(i) Deposit Account Customer
(ii) Sundry Customer
(iii) Freelance Customer (Counter Service)

i. Deposit Account Customer: In this category, a prospective collector will obtain (free of charge) and complete the deposit account form indicating the number of sets of each issue that should be supplied to him/her when new stamps are released. A certain amount of deposit, which is deductable as supplies are being made, is required to be paid The current initial minimum amount as deposit is one thousand naira (N1,000.00) or Four Hundred Dollars ($400) Four hundred Pound Sterling (£400).

The payment should be made with Nigerian Postal Order for people resident in Nigeria and international postal money order or British Postal Order for those outside Nigeria. On receipt of this amount with the completed form, an account is opened for the prospective collector and all subsequent stamp issues are supplied according to the standing order. The collector reimburses the accounts required when the balance in his/her account is inadequate to pay for a set of stamp.

ii. Sundry Customers: These are customers who write to the bureau for the current stock-list. They then place order for their choice from the stock list with the appropriate fee in postal order, Bank draft or Certified cheque and the items are supplied to them by post. Of course the cost of postage and handling charge would be part of the amount charged for the transaction. Nigerian made a final in-road to the main stream of the world philately by its admission in 1996 as the 78th member nation of the Federation International de Philately (FIP).

iii. Freelance Customers/Counter Service: This is off the shelf services; some collectors and other customer for conventional use patronize the counters. This service is available on philatelic counters at Post Offices in the Territories.