People started to collect postage stamps soon after the postage stamps were introduced. Postage stamp was invented by an Englishman Sir Roland Hills in 1840. It is generally believed that the idea of collecting stamps came from a Belgium School Master around 1854. He asked his pupils to adorn their atlases with stamps.


In Nigeria, the history of postage stamp dates back to 1859 when Hand Struck Stamp with inscription "Paid in Lagos" was issued. However the first set of adhesive postage stamps were released in Lagos on 10th. June, 1874.

An Indian was commissioned to repackage Philately. He was in Nigeria for six months. Philately was run on a very small scale in Nigeria before 1969. The service was repackaged that year as an arm of International Operations Department;

1. To ensure that a large percentage of Nigerians are made aware of the hobby and business of stamp collection especially those hl the literate class and the youth.

2. To ensure that high quality stamps that rank among the best in the world are produced.

3. To cooperate with international philatelic agencies to promote philately.

4. To generate adequate revenue to the coffers of NIPOST.